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Birds & Wildlife Photography Links

Eyal Bartov - Photographer - This site offers you a few examples representing the vast collection of Eyal Bartov's photographs and digital video feeds.

Rony Livne - Rony Livne's gallery at Birdforum.

Danny Laredo - Bird and Wildlife photography.

Yoram Shpirer - Yoram Shpirer's gallery at photo.net - wildlife photography from Israel.

Focus Wildlife - nature and wildlife photography from Israel, by Ilia Shalamaev.

Arie Ouwerkerk - Arie Ouwerkerk's gallery (with excellent flight shotos!). Mainly pictures from Terschelling, one of the Dutch Waddensea Islands

Haim Ziv - Birds and Wildlife photography by Haim Ziv, includs photos from Israel and Africa.

Ofer Levy - Wildlife photography by Ofer Levy.

Nature photography by Harry Leurmans - West European website dedicated to wildlife photography.

Wildlife Photos - Pictures of animals - Birds and Wildlife photography by Vadim Onishchenko.

SuRReal Nature - New Art of Painting. By D Martin.
Western Reef Heron Egretta gularis
Western Reef Heron (Egretta gularis)

Red Phalarope
(Phalaropus fulicarius) Eilat, Oct.05

Temmincks Horned Lark
(Eremophila bilopha) Arava valley, Mar.05

Sinai Rosefinch
(Carpodacus synoicus) Wadi Hava, Oct.05
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