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Gull Links

Gull-Watching.com - Observations and photos of Gulls in Switzerland and elsewhere.

Alain_Fossé - Yellow-legged Gulls from France.

The Norwegian Gull-page - by Frode Falkenberg & Alf Tore Mjös.

Surfbirds - link to the ID section, contains a few articles about gulls identification (including Caspian, Yellow-legged, Baltic and Heuglin's)

Gull Research Organisation Website - This site is dedicated to discuss gull topics

Rudy's Gull-index - with pictures of several less well-known plumages of large gulls likely to be encountered in NW-Europe

Gulls in Italy - by Menotti Passarella.

Dick's Birds - with pictures of Yellow-legged, Caspian, Lesser Black-backed Gulls and more.

Gull Identification website - with many images, and links to images, of large "white-headed" species.

Ies Meulmeester's website - with pictures from the Netherlands, and especially from the province Zeeland.

Palla's Gull Larus ichthyaetus
Palla's Gull (Larus ichthyaetus)

Trumpeter Finch
(Bucanetes githagineus) Eilat area, Dec.05

Red-necked Phalarope
(Phalaropus lobatus) Ma'agan Michael, Oct.05

Hooded Wheatear
(Oenanthe monacha) Arava valley, Oct.05
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