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Bean Goose (Anser fabalis), Eilat, 14/Mar/2007

On the morning of March 14th, James P. Smith observed a Bean Goose swimming off-shore Eilat's north beach. Unfortunately, the bird was startled by a boat, flew inland and was no where to be found, despite extensive searching.

On March 16th, the Goose was relocated grazing in a soccer field near Eilat's hotels. It later took-off and flew north-eastwards, crossing the Jordanian border and perhaps landing in Aqaba's sewage ponds.

This Bean Goose is the first to be recorded in Israel, though Shirihai metions a record from Sinai, October 82'.

The images below are courtesy of Jonathan Meyrav.

Bean Goose Bean Goose Bean Goose Bean Goose

Great Spotted Cuckoo
(Clamator glandarius) Ma'agan Michael, Jun.06

(Arenaria interpres) Ma'agan Michael, Jul.05

Lesser Spotted Eagle
(Aquila pomarina) Bet Shean valley, Oct.05
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