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October 2004

Eyal Shochat

Hula Valley
Bird seen around the lake included a Curlew (7-10/10, D. Roitemberg), Sociable Plover (8/10 D. Roitemberg), 1-2 Flamingos (8-11.10, Y. Perelman et al.), a Steppe Grey Shrike (11/10, Y. Perelman), and three Isabelline Shrikes (10,24/10, L. Kislev; 30.10, B. Granit). At Hagoshrim Fish ponds there was a male Namaqua Dove (30/10, D. Porat).

Bet She'an Valley
Steve Mann and Ben Dvir found a Long-toed Stint (Second Israeli Record) at Neve-Eitan on 22/10. The bird was seen and photographed by several other birders 22-25/10.

 Long-toed Stint (Calidris subminuta) 
Long-toed Stint
 Neve Etan fishponds, 22-OCT 

During the first two weeks of October several Isabelline Shrikes were found: One near Kibutz Ha'on ( Lake of Galilee ) on 10/10 (A. Geffen), two near Kfar Rupin, and one near Maoz Hayim on 13-14/10 (E. Banker). Other birds around Kfar Rupin: Pacific Golden Plover (6-10/10, T. Landsberger et al.), up to 8 Cream-coloured Coursers during the second week of October, Black-winged Pratincole (8/10 E. Banker et al.), Sociable Plover, (8-10/10, B. Granit et al.) Oriental Skylark (10-11/10, Y. Perelman et al.), two Namaqua Doves (13-14/10, T. Landsberger), Purple Gallinule in 6/10 (Ma'oz Hayim fishponds, 6/10, S. Agmon et al.), Little Bustard (Sede Elyahu, 20/10, Y. Motro) and a Steppe Grey Shrike (23/10, D. Gelbart).
 Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis fulva) 
Pacific Golden Plover
 Kfar Ruppin fields, 06-OCT 

Jizrael valley
Black Vulture flew north over Ginnegar on 5/10 (C. Rohde et al.).

Coastal plain
An Isabelline Shrike , apparently a returning wintering individual, was seen at Ein Tzur, Ramat Hanadiv on 2/10 (G. Perelman et al.). At Ma'agan Micha'el (14/10, N. Sapir) there were, one Curlew , one Arctic Skua , and two Knots (still present on 16 th , Y. Wasserlauf).

Jerusalem and Judean Plains
There were one Ruddy Shelduck and two Ferruginous Ducks in reservoirs between Revadim and Tal-Shahar on 01.10.04 (A. chaver). Several White-headed Ducks were seen during the second half of October in reservoirs around Lod and Hafetz Haim (E. Hadad, A. Chaver). At the Jerusalem Bird Observatory there was a female Cyprus Warbler (26-27/10, S. Agmon).

The 4 th Namaqua Dove for Beer-Sheva and the third since last April was seen at the northern part of the city on 17/10 (Y. Perelman). Several Red-breasted Flycatchers appeared at Sede Boker since mid October with a maximum of seven on 23/10 (B. Granit et al.). Another bird was seen at Mitzpe Ramon on 29/10 (A. Tsairi). On 19/10 there was also a River Warbler at Sede Boker (Y. Perelman). At Nizana there was one Desert Warbler and a Ring Ouzel was observed near Mitzpe Ramon on 29/10 (A. Tsairi & C. Escott).

Southern Arava
One Cory's Shearwater was seen at Eilat on 7/10 (R. Mizrachi) and another on 23/10 (N. Weiss). At km 20 saltpans there was a White-tailed Plover on 7/10 (R. Mizrachi). Three Small Skylarks were seen at Yotvata on 22/10 (Y. Wasserlauf).

Pale Rock Sparrow
(Petronia brachydactyla) Central Negev, May.06

Pied Avocet
(Recurvirostra avosetta) Ma'agan Michael, Apr.06

(Cercomela melanura) Sde Boqer, May.04
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