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November 2005

Tomer Landsberger, Eyal Vanunu

Yelkouan Shearwater (Puffinus yelkouan): 150 on migration, Ma'agan Michael shore, 17/NOV (B. Granit); many tens at same location on the 26th and 27th (N. Weiss, S. Haham, T. Landsberger).

Shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis): 1 still present at Ma'agan Michael, last seen on the 27th (T. Landsberger, L. Kislev).

White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons): 1 at Ktziot pools, 30/NOV (I. Tsurim).

Red-breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator): 1 female type off Ma'agan Michael shore, 26/NOV (S. Haham).

Shikra (Accipiter badius): a single bird, 14/NOV, Kfar Rupin (B. Granit). The 2nd Israeli record.

 Shikra (Accipiter badius) 
fulvescens Spotted Eagle
 Kfar Ruppin, 14-NOV 

Short-toed Eagle (Circaetus gallicus): 1 wintering at the Hula re-flooded area, 22/NOV (B. Granit).

'fulvescens' Spotted Eagle (Aquila clanga): 1, Kfar Ruppin, Bet Shean valley, 07/NOV (B. Granit); 1, Heftzi-ba fishponds, 26/NOV (A. Ben-dov, T. Landsberger).

 'fulvescens' Spotted Eagle (Aquila clanga) 
fulvescens Spotted Eagle
 Kfar Ruppin, 07-NOV 

Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis): 1 ad female, Golan heights, 06/NOV (N. Israeli); an adult male at 'Bahad 1' sewage, 19/NOV (I. Tsurim); 1 at Mt. Gilboa, 21/NOV (I. Shanni).

Saker (Falco cherrung): 1 adult at Urim fields present from 31/OCT onwards (Y. Perlman et al); a juv with a rope and a Falconer's ring was trapped and ringed at the Hula re-flooded area (N. Israeli, Y. Perlman et al); another bird with falconer's ring seen at Wadi Orvim on the 29/NOV (N. Israeli).

Lanner (Falco biarmicus): 1 ad at Urim fields, 18/NOV (E. Dvir, T. Landsberger, B. Granit), 1 juv there on the 26/NOV (E. Vanunu); a juv and an adult over Sde Tzin, Central Negev, on the 29/NOV (I. Tsurim).

Little Bustard (Tetrax tetrax): 1 near Bnei Israel reservoire in the Golan heights, 18/NOV (E. Banker).

Sociable Plover (Vanellus gregarius): 7 at Kfar Ruppin area, bet Shean valley, on the 7/NOV and 8 there on the 14/NOV (B. Granit); 1, Revivim area, 10/NOV (I. Tsurim); 1, 14/NOV, Bet Kama area (I. Tsurim); 1 near Be'er Sheva sewage ponds, 18/NOV (I. Tsurim); 2 at the Hula re-flooded area, 19/NOV (E. Banker), still there on the 22nd; 7 in Urim fields, 19/NOV (P. Geffen et al) and 15 there on the 26th (E. Vanunu); 3 at Bet-shean Valley, 21/NOV (I. Shanni).

White-tailed Lapwing (Vanellus leucurus): 1 present from October at En HaHoresh fishponds, Hefer valley. Last seen on the 25th (A. Ben-dov).

 White-tailed Lapwing (Vanellus leucurus) 
White-tailed Lapwing
 En-Ha'Horesh, 04-NOV 

Dotterel (Charadrius morinellus): 5, vadi Shikma, 14/NOV (I. Tsurim); On 15/NOV, a flock of 76 between Hatzerim and Ofakim, and from 24/NOV onwards, about 150 birds present in that area (I. Tsurim et al).

(Red) Knot (Calidris canutus): 1 at Acre shore, probably over-wintering, still present on the 26/NOV (S. Haham).

 (Red) Knot (Calidris canutus) 
Red Knot
 Acre shore, 26-NOV 

Bar-tailed Godwit (Limoza lapponica): 2 at Atlit saltpans, 26/NOV (S. Haham).

 Bar-tailed Godwit (Limoza lapponica) 
Bar-tailed Godwit
 Atlit saltpans, 26-NOV 

Mediterranean Gull (Larus melanocephalus): 1 at Jaffa port, 06/NOV (I. Shanni, T. Landsberger).

 Mediterranean Gull (Larus melanocephalus) 
Mediterranean Gull
 Jaffa port, 06-NOVR 

White-cheeked Tern (Sterna repressa): 1 off Eilat's north beach, 20/NOV (I. Shanni).

Striated Scops Owl (Otus brucei): 1 at Eilat, 20/NOV (I. Shanni).

Little Green Bee-eater (Merops orientallis): an off range individual found dead in central Jerusalem, 26/NOV (S. Kraus).

Oriental Skylark (Alauda gulgula): 6, Kfar Ruppin area, 14/NOV (B. Granit); 2, Urim area, Western Negev, 26/NOV (E. Vanunu); 3, Sde Tzin, 29/NOV (I. Tsurim).

Olive-backed Pipit (Anthus hodgsoni): 1 at Sde Boker grave park turf, 18-22/NOV (B. Granit, E. Dvir, T. Landsberger et al.).

 Olive-backed Pipit (Anthus hodgsoni) 
Radde's  Accentor
 Sde-Boqer, 18-NOV 

Pied Wheatear (Oenanthe pleschanka): 1 female type at 'Bahad 1' sewage near Mitzpe Ramon on the 18/NOV (E. Dvir, T. Landsberger, B. Granit).

 Pied Wheatear (Oenanthe pleschanka) 
Radde's  Accentor
 Bahad 1, 18-NOV 

Radde's Accentor (Prunalla ocularis): 1 at El-rom orchard, the Golan heights, 20/Nov (Y. Perlman, B. Granit).

 Radde's Accentor (Prunalla ocularis) 
Radde's  Accentor
 El-rom orchard, 20-NOV 

Yellow-browed Warbler (Phylloscopus inornatus): 1, 'Bahad 1' sewage, Mizpe-Ramon, 02/NOV (J. Meyrav et al). ringed on the 3rd (I. Tsurim, Y. Perlman, A. Tsairi); 1 in the palm grove between Kalia and Miztpe Shalem, Dead Sea area, 10/NOV (N. Weiss).

 Yellow-browed Warbler (Phylloscopus inornatus) 
Yellow-browed Warbler
 Bahad 1 sewage, 04-NOV 

Red-breasted Flycatcher (Ficedula parva): 1, 10/NOV, in the palm grove between Kalia and Miztpe Shalem, Dead Sea area (N. Weiss); 1 heard at Hifa University, 15/NOV (B. Granit).

Mistle Thrush (Turdus viscivorus): 2 near El-rom, Golan heights, 18/NOV (E. Banker); 1 at 'Bahad 1' sewage, 19/NOV (I. Tsurim, R. Mizrachi, N. Sapir, E. Vanunu, O. Altshtein); 1 at Sde Boker college, 20/NOV (Y. Perlman).

Isabelline Shrike (Lanius isabellinus): 1 at Ma'agan Michael, 26/NOV (S. Haham).

Rose-coloured Starling (Sturnus roseus): 1 juv at the Hula re-flooded area on the 17/NOV (N. Israeli), 2 there on the 19/NOV (E. Banker) and 3 later on.

Red-fronted Serin (Serinus pusillus): 3 juvs and an adult, Lifta, Jerusalem, 15/NOV (M. Goldberg).

Trumpeter Finch
(Bucanetes githagineus) Eilat area, Dec.05

Spur-winged Lapwing
(Vanellus spinosus) Ma'agan Michael, Apr.06

Little Bittern
(Ixobrychus minutus) Neot Semadar, Oct.05
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