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November 2004 - first half

Eyal Shochat

Hula Valley
On 3/11 there were an Oriental Skylark and two Isabelline Shrikes near the lake (y. Perelman et al.). On 13/11 there was a female Ruddy Shelduck in the Hula marsh (D. Porat).

Bet She'an Valley
On 6/11 there were an Isabelline Shrike , two Oriental Skylarks , two Sociable Lapwings and a Namaqua Dove around Kfar Rupin / Tirat Zvi (R. Mizrachi).

Ma'agan Micha'el
E. Vanunu reported a Purple Gallinule on 6/11.

Judean desert
S. Feder reported 2 Cyprus Warblers at Wadi Mishmar on 14/11.

Judean Plains
I. Tsurim reported 50 White-headed Ducks at Yesodot reservoir on 13/11.

Northern and Central Negev
The first White-headed Duck for Beer-Sheva was found on 4/11 at the sewage ponds south east to the city (R. Livne). At the Moshavim sewage farm ( North west of the city) there was a Sociable Lapwing on 6/11 (A. Tsairi). The Ring Ouzel found in late October near the sewage ponds of the officer school was still present on 2/11 (Y. Perelman). This spot, well known for attracting November rarities, also provided 1-2 Mistle Thrushes between 10-14/11 (T. Landsberger et al.) and a Fieldfare on 13/11 (B. Granit et al.).

Southern Arava
D. Shapiro and T. Landsberger found the first Israeli Intermediate Egret at the sewage ponds of Yotvata on 6/11. By mid November the bird is still present at this site. At the same day they saw a Red-breasted Flycatcher at Lotan and 3 Oriental Skylarks at k-19 fields. Also at k- 19, a male Daurian Shrike on 8/11 (D. Gelbart) two White-fronted Geese on 9/11 (N. Sapir, I. Tsurim et al), and an Eilat record of 370 Cormorants on 14/11 (R. Mizrachi, T. Landsberger, B. Granit). At Samar there was a Fieldfare on 13/11. At the northern beach, 70 White-eyed Gulls and 6 Reef Herons were seen on 14/11. Three Cyprus Warblers were seen at Wadi Shlomo on 14/11 (R. Mizrachi, T. Landsberger, B. Granit).
 Intermediate Egret (Egretta intermedia) 
Intermediate Egret
 Yotvata, 11-NOV 

Crimson-winged Finch
(Rhodopechys sanguinea)Mt. Hermon, Jul.03

Cinereous Bunting
(Emberiza cineracea) Lotan, Mar.06

Lesser Spotted Eagle
(Aquila pomarina) Bet Shean valley, Oct.05
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