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Monthly Summaries

January 2005

Tomer Landsberger

Below is a summary featuring the most interesting observations from this month, based on reports from the ISRABIRDNET mailing list and other sources.
Black-throated Loon (Gavia arctica): 2 present since december at Eilat's lagoon.

Bewick's Swan (Cygnus bewickii): an adult and a first winter bird, Hefer Valley northern reservoire, 8th onwards (R. Ram et al).

 Bewick's Swan (Cygnus bewickii) 
Bewick's Swan
 Hefer Valley, 12-APR

Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus): 1 Present since December in Sheizaf beach, Sea of Gallilee, seen again on the 3rd (A. Ben-dov et al).

White-fronted Goose (Anser albifrons): 12 at Zohar reservoir, 15/Jan (Y. Perlman).

Greyleg Goose (Anser anser): 2 present since December at the Hula reflooded area.

Red-crested Pochard (Netta rufina): 1 male in a reservoire near Yokneam, 15/Jan (O. Hatzofe, T. Kahn, T. Landsberger et al.).

Greater Scaup (Aythila marila): an immature drake, Kfar Ruppin reservoir, Bet Shean valley, 14/Jan (B. Dvir), possibly a returning individual.

Red-breasted Merganser (Mergus serrator): 1, Sea of Gallilee, 15/Jan (L. Kislev et al.).

Smew (Mergellus albellus): up to 9 present at Bnei Israel reservoir in the Golan heights, 07/Jan (E. Banker et al.).

Black Vulture (Aegyptius monachus): 2 soaring over Lehavot Habashan, Hula valley, 27/Jan (Y. Perlman, A. Geffen).

White-tailed Eagle (Hiaraeetus albicilla): 1 juv at Maoz Haim area, Bet Shean valley, 02/Jan (B. Granit).

Black-shouldered Kite (Elanus caeruleus): 1 adult, Gal'on fields, Judean plains, 14th onwards (R. Shaish, N. Sher), 8th Israeli record.

Goshawk (Accipiter gentillis): 1 near 'Hai-bar' Carmel, 07/Jan (D. Rotem); 1 over moshav Ramot, Golan heights, 20/Jan (L. Kislev).

Saker (Falco cherrung): 1, Safai Ramat Gan area, 07/Jan (O. Hatzofe).

Purple Swamp Hen (Porphyrio porphyrio): 2 at Yeruham reservoir, 15/Jan (I. Tsurim, N. Sapir, I. Shanni).

Sociable Plover (Vanellus gregarius): 5 at Kfar Ruppin turf fields, Bet Shean valley, 02/Jan (B. Granit).

Common Gull (Larus canus): 1, Eilat southern saltpans, 04/Jan (E. Banker); 1 at Ma'agan Michael shore, 06/Jan (D. Rotem); 2 at Kfar Ruppin fish-ponds, Bet Shean valley, 15/Jan (G. Perlman).

Striated Scopes Owl (Otus bruceii): 2 at upper Wadi Ketura, Arava valley, 04/Jan (E. Banker).

Buff-belied Pipit (Anthus japonicus): 3 at Kfar Ruppin turf fields, Bet Shean valley, 02/Jan (B. Granit).

Olive-backed Pipit (Anthus hodgsoni): 2 as Samar's date plantations, Arava, 31/Jan (N. Weiss).

Menetries's Warbler (Sylvia mystacea): 1 female, present since December at Km 19 Arava, reported again on 04/Jan (E. Banker).

Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria): 1 at Ein Avdat canyon, 06/Jan (Y. Perlman); 1 at Arbel cliff, 31/Jan (A. Ben-dov et al).

Radde's Accentor (Prunella ocularis): 3-4 present since December at El-rom orchards, Golan heights, reported again on 07/Jan (E. Banker).

Alpine Accentor (Prunella collaris): 4 at Arbel cliff, 31/Jan (A. Ben-dov et al).

Isabelline Shrike (Lanius isabellinus): 1, Yesodot area, Judean plains, 13/Jan (E. Hadad et al).

Red-fronted Serin (Serinus pussilus): 1 with Serins near moshav Ramot, Golan heights, 18/Jan (L. Kislev).

Pygmy Cormorant
(Phalacrocorax pygmaeus) Sea of Galilee, May 06

(Charadrius morinellus) Yotvata, Dec.05

European Roller
(Coracias garrulus)) Judean plain, Sep.05
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