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Birding Reports

Early Spring Gallery - March & April 2008 by Rami Mizrachi

During end of March and the beginning of April, Rami Mizrachi spent the days in southern Israel, photographing and birdwatching.
His visit coincided with good number of interesting species, In addition to the Bateleur, he also captured some of the other rare visitors.

All images are courtesy of Rami Mizrachi ©.
Caspian Plover Caspian Plover Caspian Plover Olive-backed Pipit Black Bush-robin Black Bush-robin Black Bush-robin Temminck's Lark Temminck's Lark Temminck's Lark

Trumpeter Finch
(Bucanetes githagineus) Eilat area, Dec.05

White-winged Black Tern
(Chlidonias leucopterus) Ma'agan Michael, Mar.04

(Arenaria interpres) Ma'agan Michael, Jul.05
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