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Sde-Boker, 19/DEC/05
Eyal Vanunu

I started the day early at Sde-Zin. While driving through the orchards I noticed a beautiful male Caracal (Felis caracal) sitting by the road and holding his fresh prey - a Song Thrush! About 90 Syrian Serins were also around the orchards, together with a few Serins and a single Brambling.

I than continued south and scanned the plateau - after a few minuets I heard a Dotterel calling - quite a rare species in Sde-Zin, and soon found it on the ground with an additional 4 birds.
I spent most of the day at Ein-Ovdat looking for Wallcreeper. Unfortunately, I did not manage to find it, but anyway, this place is always worth visiting: about 20 Griffon Vultures soared above the canyon and a pair of Bonelli's Eagles was also present. Other birds around were a few Water Rails, 2 Grey Wagtail, some Desert and Trumpeter Finches and Sinai Rosefinch.
On my way back north, I decided to have another look at Sde-Zin, were I saw the Dotterels earlier, and was joined by Omri Goalman. Omri pointed me to a gathering of a few Griffon Vultures around a camel carcass, about 2km away. When I looked through my scope I noticed 2 Black Vultures among them, both were seen feeding until late afternoon - a great ending for the day.
Griffon Vulture Black Vulture Black Vulture Bonellis Eagle Moorhen Dotterel Little Green Bee-eater Syrian Serin

Spur-winged Lapwing
(Vanellus spinosus) Ma'agan Michael, Apr.06

(Phoenicopterus ruber) Eilat, Jun.04

White-winged Black Tern
(Chlidonias leucopterus) Ma'agan Michael, Mar.04
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