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Late autumn at the Carmel coast
Tomer Landsberger

Amazingly enough, the Shag is still hanging around the Pigeon Islets, accompanied by a growing number of Great Cormorants.
A juvenile Red Knot was sighted on the 21st of September by Noam Weiss but did not stick around.
A juvenile Bar-tailed Godwit was moving from one empty fishpond to the other, between the 5th and 21st of October.
On the 8th of October, a single Oystercatcher was standing next to the Shag on the Island.
1 Mediterranean Gull has been around since October 20th.
Also present in Sep-Oct were 2 Red-necked Phalaropes and a Black Tern.

Shag White Pelicans White Pelicans Bar-tailed Godwit Bar-tailed Godwit Red-necked Phalaropes Red-necked Phalaropes Black Tern

Barn Swallow
(Hirundo rustica) Ma'agan Michael, Jun.04

Common Kestrel
(Falco tinnunculus) Hula valley, Feb.05

White Wagtail
(Motacilla alba) Yotvata, Feb.05
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