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Seawatching @ Eilat - 24-26/Jul/07
Rami Mizrahi & Roni Livne

Some news from Eilat 24-26/7/07:
Brown Booby - 1 seen daily at north beach
Greater Flamingo - 146 at K20 26/7
Sooty Falcon - 1 in the 25/7, trying to hunt White-cheeked Tern above the sea
Terek Sandpiper - 1 in the 26/7 at north beach
Arctic Skua - small flocks of 3-4 birds daily. Max. - 7 in the 24/7.
Sandwich Tern -1 25/7
Caspian Ten - Max of 60!! in the 24/7 (27 at K19 & K20, the rest at north beach and the southern salt ponds). Probably the highest number ever counted in Israel
Lesser Crested Tern - 2-10 daily. Max. - 10 in the 25/7 at north beach
Bridled Tern - flocks of 2-13 daily. Max. - 29 in the 25/7 in three flocks.
White-cheeked Tern - the commonest tern at north beach. Max.- 30 in the 25/7, almost all of them are 1st. year.

   Rony Livne & Rami Mizrahi.

© The below images are courtesy of Rony Livne.

Brown Booby Brown Booby Mangrove Heron White-eyed Gull Common Tern Common Tern Caspian Tern Lesser Crested Tern Lesser Crested Tern White-cheeked Tern

(Alcedo atthis) Ma'agan Michael, Aug.04

Cyprus Warbler
(Sylvia melanothorax) Wadi Shlomo, Feb.05

(Alectoris chukar) Sde Boqer, Apr.04
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