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Kittlitz's Plover (Charadrius pecuarius), Km 20, 13/Mar/2009

On March 13th, an adult Kittlitz's Plover in summer plumage was discovered in Km 20 saltpans near Eilat (Chen Rozen).

This species is a very rare passage migrant and winter visitor in Israel. The last record was of two birds which over wintered in Kfar Ruppin area, winter 1999/2000.

 Kittlitz's Plover (Charadrius pecuarius) 
Kittlitz's Plover Charadrius pecuarius

Pied Avocet
(Recurvirostra avosetta) Ma'agan Michael, Apr.06

Greater Sand Plover
(Charadrius leschenaultii) Eilat, Mar.05

Black-crowned Finch-lark
(Eremoprerix nigriceps) Eilat, Apr.06
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